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Food Networks Led by Youth.

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Who Are We?

We empower youth with STEAM skills and prepare them to become future leaders in agriculture, cultivating a pipeline of diverse ambassadors for agriculture and entrepreneurship industries.

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Our Youth In Agriculture

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Kendall Rae’s Green Heart


Kool Kids Grow™

Kool Kids Grow™

Youth Agriculture



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Learn how to grow your own food.

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Learn farm management and harvest principles .

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Learn to create your own product

from food.

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Be a part of a growing youth marketplace.

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Meet and work with Georgia's Youngest Certified Farmer

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Kendall Rae’s 4-H

Community Clubs

Welcome to Oakley Farms 4-H

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Our Upcoming Events

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Kendall Rae's

Earth Day Parade

& Learning Fair

Join us on April 20th, 2024, as the vibrant city of South Fulton once again becomes the epicenter of environmental consciousness with the second annual Kendall Rae's Earth Day Parade and Learning Fair. This year's theme, "Plastic vs. Everyone," aims to shine a spotlight on the urgent issue of plastic pollution and its impact on our planet.


  • Keynote Speakers: Renowned environmentalists and influencers will share their insights on the plastic crisis and inspire positive change.
  • Hands-On Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops that teach practical ways to reduce plastic usage and adopt eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Art Installations: Marvel at thought-provoking art installations created from recycled materials, encouraging creativity while addressing environmental issues.
  • Local Vendors: Explore a diverse array of eco-conscious products and services from local vendors committed to sustainability.

Kendall Rae's

Earth Day Parade & Learning Fair

2023 Reel

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music feature from kid talent @giannicarlotwins

Earth Day Parade & Learning Fair Featured Photos

The Green Heart Festival

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The Green Heart Festival 2025

Join in on the fun as our youngest minds captivate you in a blended festival of Agriculture, Arts, and Entertainment. Ran by Kids, Supported by loving adults.

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